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PRF - Fast Facts



A Biostimulator (PRP) with filler effect and regenerative properties for cosmetic and dermatological applications


A sample of PRP generally has two to five times more platelets than what is found in the body. PRF, on the other hand, has up to 10 times more platelets than the body. A higher concentration of platelets is more effective for skin rejuvenation.


PRF gives patients the same benefits as PRP, but it is more effective as it releases more growth factors overtime which means that it continues working for you even after the procedure is done


Botox Injections

Our approach;

minimalism to achieve 

At METALAB, we offer Platelet Rich Fibrin option to our clients.


PRF is known to improve:

✔Skin's Glow: Reduces roughness and increases skin Brightness by increasing collagen & stem cell proliferation

✔ Hydration by boosting collagen I

✔Texture: By improving thickness and density of the skin due to increased collagen & cell proliferation and quality

✔Tone: Increases skin elasticity by boosting collagen & cell proliferation


PRF not only can be used for cosmetic applications but also many dermatological conditions including:

Wound heeling

Acne scars


Epidermolysis Bullosa​

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Each client meets with an Injector Practitioner to discuss your options and to assess suitability.

The PRF product is spun at a lower speed so that the layers of the blood do not separate out as distinctly. This allows some of the white blood cells and stem cells to remain within the platelet layer that is collected for treatment. Thus, there are more healing factors within PRF than is typically seen in PRP. In addition, the lower spin speed causes less trauma to the individual cells of the blood, allowing more stem cells to remain in the final PRF product.


With PRF, no anticoagulant is used during the processing of the blood. With platelet-rich plasma, the blood that is collected is placed in test tubes that have an anticoagulant called acid citrate dextrose (ACD), which keeps the blood product from clotting too quickly. In an effort to keep the platelet product as natural as possible, the platelet-rich fibrin test tubes do not have any anticoagulant within them. Without any anticoagulant in the test tubes, the natural fibrinogen within our blood is converted to fibrin by thrombin in the early stages of clot formation. This creates a spongy fibrin matrix that activates the platelets and allows for a slow release of growth factors, which starts the tissue healing process.


Our comprehensive, holistic approach to your health and beauty

Our medical team will provide a comprehensive diagnosis and assessment of the area you would like to perform any procedure. We will discuss all the available options that can either be paired or added for an integrated care of your health and beauty - an approach that will treat you from the inside out. Our team offers naturopathy which can assess your nutrition/diet/lifestyle for optimal skin health, IV therapy and vitamin infusions for rejuvenated skin, medical facials including microneedling and hydrafacials, and more.


All new clients will consult with a certified and trained medical staff in order to properly assess the preferred area of treatment.


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