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TONE - Muscle Toning - Diastasis Recti

Pregnancy and childbirth are among the most beautiful experiences a woman can have. With that being said, pregnancy can make lasting changes to their bodies that many women want to resolve. One of the most common concerns after pregnancy is loose, hanging skin around the midsection and weakened muscles, especially in the abdominal area.

What Causes Loose Skin and Stretched Muscles Postpartum?

You might find that your once flat, toned abdomen simply doesn’t look the same after pregnancy. Why does this happen?  

Throughout your pregnancy, your stomach stretches to accommodate your expanding uterus and any pregnancy-related weight gain. Once your baby is born, this excess loose skin is left behind. It might appear to hang and sag downwards. The stretching and weight fluctuations that occur during pregnancy can also affect your abdominal muscles. They may lose their tone and firmness, appearing soft and poorly defined.

METALAB is dedicated to helping women feel like the best version of themselves. That is why we offer targeted treatments to resolve loose skin and weak muscles after pregnancy.


Diastasis Recti & Pregnancy

Diastasis recti (abdominal separation) happens when pregnancy stretches the abdominal muscles, causing them to split apart. It can also happen in people with obesity.

The symptoms may include lower back pain, abdominal discomfort, and a loss of bladder control. Additionally, diastasis recti can cause a bulge in the middle of the abdomen. The separation can make a person's belly stick out or bulge months or years postpartum.


What is Tone?

EmpowerRF TONE is a unique device that uses radiofrequency energy and electrical impulses to stimulate muscle contractions. When applied to the midsection, the device delivers intense electrical stimulation into the muscles to tone and tighten the abdomen. 

This effect is especially beneficial for women who are struggling with loose skin and stretched abdominal muscles after pregnancy.

What to Expect During Your Tone Session

During your EmpowerRF TONE session, you will be able to comfortably lie back while one of our providers administers the treatment. The TONE device will be applied directly to your midsection to deliver radiofrequency energy and electrical impulses deep into the abdominal muscles and lower layers of your skin. These impulses stimulate intense muscle contractions that can tighten and tone the skin and muscles in your stomach. EmpowerRF TONE is a comfortable process that allows most patients to relax during treatment. Some women choose to read, listen to music, or watch videos on their phones while EmpowerRF works its magic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Tone?

Ideal candidates are women who have loose or sagging skin on their abdomens. Many candidates have recently given birth and have seen a change in their bodies after pregnancy. The best way to confirm that you are a candidate for EmpowerRF is by having a consultation appointment.

How Many Treatments are Required for Optimal Results?

It can take more than one session to see the best results from EmpowerRF treatment. Most patients see results in as few as 4 30-minute sessions over a four-week period. Once your complete course of treatment is finished, you should see a significant tightening of loose skin on the abdomen and enhanced abdominal tone.

Is There Any Downtime After Treatment?

EMS treatment through Tone workouts is non-invasive and often low-intensity. Because of this, there aren’t many risks or side effects that can come from this treatment. However, it’s important to note that your first session of EMS may be a shock to patients who are not fully prepared or who are not used to workouts, exercise, or being fully active.

If you are sensitive to movement, headaches, dizziness, or nausea may occur during your workouts. Some itchiness and light sensations may also occur during treatment. If you are recovering from an injury, some muscle pain or spasms may happen as well, but these typically subside the minute treatment is over.

What can I do to make my results last longer?

Although Tone has proven to be hugely beneficial for many patients, ultimately, the results you’ll see from Tone are a product of your own participation. The muscle and definition you can build through your Tone workouts can last up to six months. However, without the proper diet and lifestyle, these results can disappear quickly. To avoid this, do the following:

  • Commit to eating a balanced diet. Implementing the right amount of vegetables, carbs, and proteins into your diet will help you see optimal results. The combination of healthy eating along with workouts helps patients achieve their healthiest bodies.

  • Give up alcohol. Alcohol has many effects on the body, including bloating, energy levels, and sleeping habits. Finding replacements for drinking, such as green juices or sparkling water, is a great way to keep your body healthy while undergoing EMS treatment without sacrificing drinking in social settings.

  • Allow your body time to rest. One of the most important factors about building muscle and toning your body is that in your off-time, your body has time to recuperate its muscles. If you are constantly working out, you deprive your body of rest, which can you put you are risk of injury the next time you work out.

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Each client meets with an Empower RF Practitioner to discuss your options and to assess suitability.

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