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Cancer Care

How can a Naturopath Help and Support your Cancer Diagnosis and Journey

When you are diagnosed with cancer, your whole world stops. Your life now revolves around the cancer diagnosis, and that can be a lot to process and navigate. Our program, along with our Naturopathic Doctors who hold proficiency within the scope of integrative cancer care, provides patients with access to a professional that can provide safe, effective, evidence-informed guidance based on their knowledge of both naturopathic medicine and oncology. Naturopathic cancer care functions best when it comes alongside medical treatments, so you should never feel like you’re being forced to choose between what your oncologist is suggesting and naturopathic treatment options. Naturopathic medicine can help patients tolerate treatments better by reducing side-effects, as well as the risk of complications. Read our blog to see one of the ways Naturopaths can help.

How Integrating Naturopathic Cancer Care can help:

Naturopathic cancer care can help to educate and support you by creating a treatment plan with the goal of:

  • Lowering your risk of cancer (prevention)

  • Preparing you for surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy

  • Reducing side-effects of of chemotherapy and radiation

  • Helping you better tolerate cancer treatments

  • Improving recovery and increasing survival

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We want to make sure that we are the right fit for you. Book a complimentary meet and greet with our Naturopathic Doctors.

How we work with your oncology team

The need for cancer patients to seek out a naturopathic doctor can have benefits far outreaching what is stated above. Oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, and other cancer and oncology focused professionals certainly lead patient care in terms of primary conventional treatments and outcomes. Without conventional treatments, often times cancer has an extremely high risk of aggressively seeding, growing, and spreading further. In our focus, cancer can be well treated and managed by conventional medical means, and then we help our patients with the other side of the equation; feeling poorly, lack of energy, side effects, and a lower quality of life.

We know that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to cancer and health, but adding a naturopath to your cancer care team can not only help patients effectively navigate your overall health and treatment plan, it can often lesson the burden on the conventional cancer care team.

​Naturopathic (integrative) cancer care can improve the underlying health of a patient, an integral area conventional medicine admittedly cannot consistently address. Naturopathic Doctors have the potential to help our patients maintain immune system function, improve nutritional status, improve energy, lessen fatigue, and help cultivate better outcomes of recovery from conventional treatment. To put this simply, this means that you’re able to continue with your treatments as your conventional team would ideally like.

Our comprehensive, holistic approach to your health

Our medical team will provide a comprehensive diagnosis and assessment of the area you would like to perform any procedure. We will discuss all the available options that can either be paired or added for an integrated care of your health and beauty - an approach that will treat you from the inside out. Our team offers naturopathy which can assess your nutrition/diet/lifestyle for optimal skin health, IV therapy and vitamin infusions for rejuvenated skin, medical facials including microneedling and hydrafacials, and more.


All new clients will consult with a certified and trained medical staff in order to properly assess the preferred area of treatment.


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