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Neurotoxins - Fast Facts

Average cost: $7-10/unit
Procedure length: 10-15 minutes

Downtime: None

Procedure Synopsis:

  • Consult with medical staff

  • Inject muscle relaxer into muscles that controls facial movement, temporarily weakens them, and soften facial lines

 Cost Details: Crow's feet 24 units, Forehead 20 units, Frown line 25 units


Neurotoxins, such as Botox® Cosmetic, is the most well-known injectable neuromodulator. Made by Allergan, it temporarily relaxes facial muscles to soften the look of dynamic facial wrinkles created by repeated muscle movement. 

It works by blocking nerve signals to the muscles, so the injected muscle can’t contract. 

Originally developed to treat medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, neurotoxins are FDA-Approved to treat crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines. 



Neurotoxins help relax and freeze the muscles in the face to smooth out and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles as well as minimize and slim-out ones facial structure. These neurotoxins send signals to our nervous system, which in turn block the muscles from contracting, giving a softer and smoother appearance to the treated area. Due to overuse and exaggerated facial movements, fine lines and wrinkles can become more pronounced over time, causing them to become static wrinkles on the face. For those clients who do not treat their dynamic or static wrinkles, and allow for those fine lines to deepen, it may then become harder to reverse those signs of aging. This is why it is important to maintain and treat concerns of aging and wrinkles when signs are visible, as it will avoid the need for more invasive procedures or treatments further down the line.

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Each client meets with an Injector Practitioner to discuss your options and to assess suitability.


Neurotoxins are commonly used on the:

  • Forehead

  • Frown lines

  • Crows feet

  • Bunny lines

  • Peri-oral lines (smoker lines)

  • Marionette lines

  • Masseter muscle

  • Excessive dimpling on the chin

  • Vertical platysma bands on the neck 

  • Brow lift

  • Lip lift

  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)


All new clients will consult with a certified and trained medical staff in order to properly assess the preferred area of treatment.



Step One - Consultation: Consult with an Injection Specialist to consult on your medical history, goals, assess the area you would like treated, and answer any questions you have. 


Step Two - Injection:  Injection can happen the same day as the consultation or you may book a follow-up injection visit. Our injector specialist will conduct a facial and skin analysis to determine injection areas based on your goals and anatomy. Upon injection, a micro-needle is used to create small injection sites into the muscle that’s being treated. 

Step Three - Recovery & Results: There is no down time, but the injection site may be a bit red with some swelling/bruising which will subside in a few days. It can take up to 2-6 days to fully take effect, and can last anywhere between 3-6 months, depending on the client. Each person treats to these neurotoxins differently and therefore everyone’s dosing will be different. 


Our comprehensive, holistic approach to your health and beauty

Our medical team will provide a comprehensive diagnosis and assessment of the area you would like to perform any procedure. We will discuss all the available options that can either be paired or added for an integrated care of your health and beauty - an approach that will treat you from the inside out. Our team offers naturopathy which can assess your nutrition/diet/lifestyle for optimal skin health, IV therapy and vitamin infusions for rejuvenated skin, medical facials including microneedling and hydrafacials, and more.


All new clients will consult with a certified and trained medical staff in order to properly assess the preferred area of treatment.


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