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MicroNeu Skin Facial

Target your pores, fine lines, and tighten your skin. Also known as "Glass Skin Facial"

MicroNeu Skin Facials (Microneedling with Neuromodulators) can provide instant glass skin — no magical serums or multistep routines needed. 

How MicroNeu Skin Facials works

MicroNeu facials involves the precise delivery of a customized concoction of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, neuromodulators (Botox or Dysport) and other antiaging ingredients into the mesodermal layer under the skin to promote beautiful “glass skin”.

What is glass skin? It is when the skin is so healthy and hydrated, it can’t help but look dewy, delicate and pore-less. This treatment offers a host of skin benefits with little to no downtime.

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Dewy, Delicate, Pore-less skin

Pores and creases benefit most from MicroNeu Facials. The injectable tightens them to reduce their appearance and make the skin look brighter in the process. In other words, traditional Botox irons out and prevents deep creases in the skin by weakening muscles in specific areas of the face, like your forehead, laugh lines, or crow's feet. MicroNeu Facials, on the other hand, targets pores to create an all-over smoothing effect.

This treatment does not go down to muscle, but works especially well on small lines and to prevent lines from forming. It can also help people with oily skin to decrease unwanted oil production.


Another benefit of MicroNeu Facials is that it can banish breakouts. Because sweat and oil glands are impacted by the procedure, as well, MicroNeu Facials has become a favorite in South Korea to keep breakouts at bay. As pores essentially become smaller from the procedure, excess sebum production is reduced - excess sebum/oil can block pores and hair follicles, leading to breakouts.

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Each client meets with an Injector Practitioner to discuss your options and to assess suitability.

Am I a candidate? 

MicroNeu Facials is suitable for both men and women of all skin types and corrects various skin concerns. It is also a great preventative and antiaging treatment for those in their 20s & 30s who are looking to prevent wrinkles and maintain a healthy, youthful glow.

How long does MicroNeu Facials last?

Because of its immediate, incredible results, a lot of celebrities get MicroNeu Facials before they go on air. For progressive, long-term results and to achieve healthy, glass skin, we recommend a minimum of 3 treatments, done 4 weeks apart.

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How is the treatment done?
1. Numbing & Preparation (20 minutes)
After cleansing and preparing the skin, we apply topical anesthetics and leave it on the skin for about 20 minutes. This helps to limit discomfort during the treatment.

2. Microneedling your MicroNeu Facial (30 minutes)
Your customized concoction of neuromodulators, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and other anti-aging ingredients are delivered into the mesodermal layer of the skin which help to promote that beautiful, healthy, glass skin.

3. Hyaluronic Acid Mask to Maximize Results

After the microneedling, a hydrating and revitalizing hyaluronic acid mask is left on skin for 20 minutes to deeply nourish and repair the skin for optimal results.

Our comprehensive, holistic approach to your health and beauty

Our medical team will provide a comprehensive diagnosis and assessment of the area you would like to perform any procedure. We will discuss all the available options that can either be paired or added for an integrated care of your health and beauty - an approach that will treat you from the inside out. Our team offers naturopathy which can assess your nutrition/diet/lifestyle for optimal skin health, IV therapy and vitamin infusions for rejuvenated skin, medical facials including microneedling and hydrafacials, and more.


All new clients will consult with a certified and trained medical staff in order to properly assess the preferred area of treatment.


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