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Amanda Cheng

Brow and Lip Blush Tattoo

Amanda Cheng is an accomplished PMU (Permanent Makeup) Tattoo with a passion for enhancing natural beauty through meticulous attention to detail and artistic flair. With years of experience and a dedicated clientele, Amanda has earned a stellar reputation for her exceptional skills and commitment to providing personalized, high-quality services.

From a young age, Amanda’s fascination with art and beauty led her on a path of creative exploration. After 5 years working in graphic design and product development she had decided to combine her artistic talents with her love for makeup and embarked on a career in the beauty industry. Amanda quickly discovered her true passion in PMU tattooing, finding immense joy in the transformative power these treatments could bring to her clients.

Determined to pursue her true passion, Amanda sought out top-leading instructors in Canada to further enhance her knowledge and skills in the PMU industry. In 2020, she completed her brow tattoo training for Powder Ombré and Nano Brows under the guidance of Permanent Beauty by Lili, one of the industry’s renowned experts.

Continuing her commitment to professional growth, Amanda completed the Advance Nano Mastery Course in 2022, led by the esteemed Hoi. This intensive training equipped her with advanced techniques and an expanded understanding of the Nano brow method, further elevating her expertise.

Additionally, in the same year, Amanda undertook specialized training in Lip Blush with Buona Beauty, refining her skills in creating natural looking, beautifully enhanced lips.

Driven by her core values of creativity, innovation, respect, honesty, and integrity, Amanda approaches her craft with utmost dedication and care. Her primary mission is to help individuals boost their self-confidence by enhancing their natural beauty through PMU. Whether it’s achieving flawless eyebrows, enhancing the natural shape of the lips, or any other PMU technique, Amanda’s meticulous approach and artistic flair ensure exceptional results tailored to each client’s unique features.

As a PMU artist, Amanda Cheng takes pride in her ability to not only create stunning transformations but also in her capacity to empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty with confidence.

Amanda Cheng
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